How does one “prove” he or she is a good advocate?

You may need to make that proof before someone hires you, and earning certification is one way to do that.

One course we offer will help you decide if earning your certification is important to you: Is Advocacy Certification Right for You?

If you do move forward to earn certification, find courses here to help you earn the continuing education credits (CEs, or CEUs) you’ll need to maintain it.

The courses listed below are pre-approved to provide CEs for the BCPA Certification*

If you wish to earn CEs for other certifications, such as CCM, CSA, CMC, CASWCM, CSWCM, or others, please contact us. We’ll provide you with the material you need to submit to your certification body for approval.


*BCPA = Board Certified Patient Advocate, offered by the Patient Advocate Certification Board.


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Setting Your Prices

Earn 2.0 CEs (BCPA) Learn to determine and set the right prices to charge for your services, then be confident about charging them to your clients.

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