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Putting Together Key Pieces of the Puzzle: Bench to Beltway to Bedside – Advocacy for Endometriosis

Earn 1 CE (BCPA). This course discusses the role of the advocate in reducing delays in diagnosis, improving outcomes and clinical research, and increasing public awareness for endometriosis.

Patient Advocate Certification Review Course (Foundations in Patient Advocacy)

This course was developed to provide those preparing for a career in patient advocacy and those sitting for the Board Certified Patient Advocate Certification Exam. The course provides examples to illustrate the theory and show how it is used in day-to-day practice.

Advocating with Pediatric Patients & Families

Earn 2.0 ethics CEs toward your BCPA. Learn how to advocate with pediatric patients and families as they navigate the pediatric healthcare systems.
Image - Best Practices in Advocacy and Care Management

Best Practices In Independent Advocacy and Care Management

Earn 2.0 ethics CEs toward your BCPA or learn about best practices to prepare for your BCPA exam. This is an advanced ethics course to make sure you are prepared to practice advocacy effectively, efficiently, and ethically.

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Overcoming Objections course image

Client Acquisition: Overcoming Objections

Earn 1.5 CEs toward BCPA Objections independent advocates hear: “It’s too expensive to hire an advocate!” or “I can get one for free at the hospital, so why should I hire you?” Learn how to get past these barriers to acquire a new client.

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100 days to launch your health or patient advocacy practice - logo

100 Days to Launch Your Practice

This course was developed for those interested in launching or growing a successful health/ patient advocacy or care management practice. Learn all the business aspects of becoming a successful practice owner. Completion of this course will give you the confidence you need to move forward!
image - The Ethics of Health and Patient Advocacy course

The Ethics of Health and Patient Advocacy

Earn 2.0 ethics CEs toward your BCPA or learn about ethics to prepare for your BCPA exam. This is an advanced ethics course to make sure you are prepared to practice advocacy and as possible, solve ethical dilemmas.

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Main Image for Assessments and Price Estimates

Assessments and Price Estimates for Your Work with Your Client

Earn 1 CE (BCPA)Learn to assess your work plan for your client, then price your work accurately.

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converting callers to clients - main image

Client Acquisition: Converting Callers to Clients

Earn 1 CE (BCPA) Learn how to conduct successful phone conversations with prospective clients leading to a contract and payment, too.

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Client Acquisition: Converting Callers to Clients Person
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course image - 501 - setting your prices

Setting Your Prices

Earn 2.0 CEs (BCPA) Learn to determine and set the right prices to charge for your services, then be confident about charging them to your clients.

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image-financial basics

Financial Basics: Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Capitalization

Give your practice a better chance of succeeding when you understand how to budget, how to manage cash flow, and how to capitalize your practice.

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image - Name Your Practice

Best Practices for Naming Your Practice

(Sample Course)
Learn how to choose the right name for your practice, then how to make it yours.
patient advocate certifications logos

Is Advocacy Certification Right for You?

(Sample Course)
Determine whether certification would benefit you, your practice, and your clients.
logo-understanding the allegiance factor

Understanding the Allegiance Factor

(Sample Course)
The Allegiance Factor is a pivotal concept for independent patient advocates to embrace.

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