Is Advocacy Certification Right for You?

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Course Description:

There are several forms of certification for health and patient advocates and care managers that address professional skills and ethics. You may be asking yourself if certification is necessary, and if so, which certification to acquire.

Choose this Course:  to help you decide if you need to be certified as a health or patient advocate.

Who should take this course:

  • Anyone who wants to learn the benefits of certification for independent advocates.
  • Anyone who is trying to decide whether they want to earn certification for themselves.
  • Anyone who would like to experience one of the Practice UP! courses.

Course Details:

 Title:  Is Advocacy Certification Right for You?

Course ID:  (098)

Instructor: Trisha Torrey

Components:  3 Lessons

Cost:  Free (This is a Sample Course)

Pre-Requisites or Requirements:  Use of a desktop computer or mobile device.

Amount of Time to Complete:  15 minutes

CEUs (Continuing Education Units): Not available for this course.

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