The Ethics of Health and Patient Advocacy

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Course Description:

One of the most important fundamentals to health and patient advocacy as a profession is its reliance on its codes of ethics to inform performance and expectations.

Several codes have been developed over the years, all of which support advocacy as perhaps the most ethical profession among those who choose to work in healthcare systems.

This course will walk you through the core values upon which existing codes rely, discuss specific statements within two of those codes, and provide examples of how to apply those statements to situations that may call for ethical dilemmas, and decisions that should be based on an advocate’s ethics.

Choose this course: to help you better understand advocacy ethics and how to apply the tenets

Take this Course:

  • If you are preparing to take the BCPA certification exam (from the Patient Advocate Certification Board, PACB) and need a foundational understanding of advocacy ethics
  • If you are working on continuing education (CEs / CEUs) for maintenance of your BCPA certification (this course is worth 2.0 ethics CEs)
  • If you want a clear understanding of advocacy ethics, and their importance in the support of the career of patient or health advocacy 

Course Details:

Course ID: 801

Instructor: Trisha Torrey

Components: 7 lessons, 3 quizzes/assessments, resources, and a Summary QRG (Quick Resource Guide)

Cost: $49 (Advanced Course) (No discounts available for advanced courses)

Pre-Requisites or Requirements: Use of a desktop computer or mobile device.

Amount of Time to Complete: 2 – 2.5 hours

CEs: 2.0 ethics CEs toward BCPA certification

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Resources for this Course:

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Download and print the QRG (Quick Resource Guide) for this course:

Find all three existing advocacy ethical codes:

The National Associates of Healthcare Advocacy – Ethics

The Patient Advocate Certification Board Ethical Standards

The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
Code of Conduct and Professional Standards

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