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Setting Your Prices

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Setting Your Prices: How to Price your Advocacy or Care Management Services

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It’s part art, and part science: pricing your services accurately – high enough to maintain and grow your practice, but low enough that clients will want to pay for your services. It can be done through simple math – but how exactly are you supposed to do that math? 

This course will help you understand the basics required to price your services. Then it will walk you through setting your own prices, and knowing how and when to adjust them for your business. Further, you’ll learn about different pricing models, when to use them, and the important approaches and a few of the “rules” for discussing prices with potential clients.

Choose this course:  to help you determine and set the right prices to charge for your services, and to help you be confident about charging them to your clients.

Who Should Take this Course:
  • New advocates who are just starting out and want to understand how to price their services effectively
  • New advocates who hope to charge the most for their services, but to be sure clients will be willing to pay those prices
  • Advocates and care managers who have been in business for awhile but are having trouble finding pricing that works for their potential clientele

Setting Your Prices: How to Price your Advocacy or Care Management Services

Course ID: 501 Setting Your Prices

Instructor: Trisha Torrey

Components:  9 Lessons, 3 Quizzes, Pricing Worksheets, Resources, and a Summary QRG (Quick Resource Guide)

Cost: $59* (Intermediate Level Course) (APHA member coupons available)

  • See note in Pre-requisites below. $59 covers the cost of both courses.

Pre-Requisites or Requirements:

  • *You must complete Course 101 Financial Basics: Budgeting Cash Flow, and Capitalization before taking this course so you can understand the foundation needed for this course. The cost of 101 Financial Basics is free when you purchase this course. (Both courses together cost $59.)
  • Use of a desktop computer or mobile device.

Amount of Time to Complete: 3+ hours

CEs (Continuing Education Units): Upon completion of this course, you can earn 2 CEs toward the BCPA certification. You must pass all the quizzes and complete all 9 lessons. Your certificate, including the CEs, will be available to print as soon as you complete the Pricing course.

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Setting Your Prices: How to Price your Advocacy and Care Management Services

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