Assessments and Price Estimates for Your Work with Your Client

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Course Description:

You have a yes! You and a new client have discussed possibilities and they are now eager to work with you. They need you, and you are poised to help them weather their healthcare system storms… but… now there are many more questions that need answers:

  • What’s the plan? HOW will you help them?
  • How will you affect their outcomes? What are their hopes? What are the goals?
  • How will you manage their expectations?
  • What services do they need? Which ones will you implement? Which ones will a subcontractor handle?
  • How much time will it take? And how will you know when the work is finished?
  • How much are you going to charge them?*

Choose this Course: to help you assess client needs, determine the amount of time required, and to develop the cost / pricing to share with them*

  • If you want help creating an assessment and care plan for your new client.
  • If you want to know how to price the work to be fair to both your new client and yourself.*

Course Details:

Course ID:  (102)

Instructor: Trisha Torrey

Components: 5 lessons, 2 quizzes, sample assessment interview questions, sample assessment and pricing report, resources, and a Summary QRG (Quick Resource Guide)

Cost:  $29 (Basic Level Course) (APHA member coupons available)

Pre-Requisites or Requirements:  Use of a desktop computer or mobile device.

Amount of Time to Complete:  1 – 2 hours

CEs:  1 CE for the BCPA

*Note: this course does not help you develop your hourly rate or other pricing. Instead it helps you apply them properly. If you are hoping to figure out your own pricing, you can do that through this course: Setting Your Prices

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Resources and Downloads:

Downloads and Resources

• From Lesson 3: An editable version of the Assessment Interview Questionnaire

Word Document | Rich Text Document

• From Lesson 4: A Sample Report: Care Plan and Estimate

• This course's Quick Reference Guide - a Summary of what you have learned and additional resources.

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