Client Acquisition: Overcoming Objections

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Whether it’s an everyday conversation, or on the phone with a potential client, we hear objections about our work as private patient advocates. They cite such barriers as “Only rich people can afford an advocate” or “I can get a patient advocate for free at the hospital, so why would I pay you?” and others.

Unfortunately, until you are able to provide a response that makes sense, a response that makes them rethink their objection, you will not be hired. An unanswered objection means no contract, and no client.

So, how can you overcome their objections? How can you get past them to engage with this new client? How do you respond when these objections are raised and actually get them to think differently – and ultimately sign a contract with you?

This course will look at 6 (six) different objections advocates hear frequently. We’ll look at the objector’s mindset, and formulate real responses that we know will work.

Bonus: Even though this course is focused on Client Acquisition, we’ll also take a look at objections we receive from two other groups, too: providers and the general public. We’ll develop good responses to share with them as well.

Take this Course:

  • If you want to convert more potential clients into contracted clients by understanding how to overcome their objections.
  • If you want to know how to respond to anyone who might put verbal barriers in your way.


Title: Client Acquisition: Overcoming Objections

Course ID: (103)

Instructor: Trisha Torrey

Components: 6 lessons, 2 quizzes, and a Summary QRG (Quick Resource Guide)

Cost: $29 (Basic Level Course) (APHA member coupons available)

Pre-Requisites or Requirements: Use of a desktop computer or mobile device.

Amount of Time to Complete: 1.5 – 2 hours

CEs: 1.5 CE for the BCPA


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