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  • Financial Basics: Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Capitalization

    ByCreated Bruce Appel (02-02-2021)

    Basic financial information, as a financial professional I found some of the wording and definitions inconsistent with my understanding.

  • Very Useful Information

    ByCreated Linda Stern (06-25-2021)

    This is a good review course even if you already understand the concepts from prior education or experience. As always, practice up courses are very helpful

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Laurie Pereira (06-23-2022)


  • Financial Basics: Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Capitalization

    ByCreated Nicole Hope (10-05-2022)

    Excellent content, good pace and depth of information.

  • Good info

    ByCreated Michelle Chase (10-06-2022)

    easy to follow

  • Great overview

    ByCreated Amy Dharawat (10-08-2022)

    Great overview on financial basics.

  • basic review

    ByCreated Carol Edvin (04-02-2023)

    Basic information but a good review

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Diane Grusky (06-12-2023)

    Excellent !

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Melissa Major (05-13-2022)

    Very easy to follow. I love that you must pass the quiz before moving on. This makes sure you understand the content.

  • Great Course

    ByCreated Amy Terrell (07-01-2023)

    Thanks, I now better understand the Cash Flow of Running a business and the importance before starting a business.

  • Appropriate

    ByCreated Linda Pernia (07-19-2023)

    The content is easy to understand and follow for success.

  • Excellent Info on Financial Basics

    ByCreated Darllene Christy (10-10-2023)

    This course had great information and examples on financial basics that were clear, concise, and easy to understand

  • Financial Basics: Budgeting, Cash Flow & Capitalization

    ByCreated Kimberly Russell (11-01-2023)

    Understanding how to budget, how to manage cash flow, and how to capitalize your practice.

  • financial basics

    ByCreated Dana Boyd (11-11-2023)

    Course was very helpful

  • Finance 101 helpful for everyone

    ByCreated Amanda DiGiovanni (05-20-2022)

    This course was really good and I feel that it's appropriate for the first time business owner as well as a good review of concepts for the seasoned owner.

  • Says what it is.

    ByCreated Jeanne Friedman (05-03-2022)

    Very helpful for ABC's of new business

  • Good basic financials course for newbies to business

    ByCreated Christie Cox (02-05-2022)

    Worthwhile to go through for a better understanding.

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Jennifer Lopez (04-18-2023)

    Good basic overview of start-up finances

  • Financial Basics: Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Capitalization

    ByCreated Barbara Gaynor (08-06-2021)

    very informative.

  • Great Business Operating Course

    ByCreated Sylvia Reisman Glover (08-26-2021)

    I had not taken business accounting in years and this was ideal to help me understand the importance of business budget projections, capitalization and being careful with expenses.

  • Financial Basics: Budgeting, Cash Flow and Capitalization

    ByCreated Joleo Monsalud (09-20-2021)

    Simple and clear description of financial basics that any layman can understand

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Tara Knutson (09-21-2021)

    Budget worksheets are a great tool!

  • finanical basics

    ByCreated andrea davidson (09-28-2021)

    easy to understand and the information was very helpful.

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Janie Dalrymple (01-24-2022)

    This is very good information for how to budget and start your advocacy business

  • Finances 101

    ByCreated Michelle Jackson (02-09-2022)

    Good Content. Although many times advocates start without a lot of capital and budgeting what comes in may be worthwhile. There's not always a lot of overhead in advocacy depending on your business model.

  • Thank you

    ByCreated Ria Pattison (04-29-2022)

    Great content!

  • Good basic financials course for newbies to business

    ByCreated Christie Cox (02-13-2022)

    Well done!

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Anne Krueger (02-13-2022)

    Very easy to follow for non-financial people. Appreciated the budget forms to help guide.

  • Financial Preparation Resources and Downloads

    ByCreated Nancy Keller (02-16-2022)

    Just as good the second time as the first. I needed the reminders and guidance.

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Lisa Perrone (02-16-2022)

    This was a great course for a non-business person like me.

  • Helpful........at ease!

    ByCreated Melanie Parks (02-19-2022)

    Makes the financial aspects easier to understand

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Sheldon Britt (03-25-2022)

    This is a great class for one who is new to a business startup, to have reasonable expectations and a better understanding of capitalization, cash in and out, etc.

  • financial basics

    ByCreated lisajc2pers (06-15-2022)

    good info

  • Financial Basics: Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Capitalization

    ByCreated Kimberly Krusinski (12-20-2023)

    good basic intro

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Kimberly Rowell (01-01-1970)

    Good course

  • Informative

    ByCreated Sharicus Johnson (04-29-2021)

    I found the worksheets to be helpful.

  • ByCreated Elaine O'BLENESS (01-01-1970)

  • More than I knew before!

    ByCreated Anne Getty (02-05-2020)

    This was a great overview of what it will take to start a business, it's based in reality, and not hypotheticals~ content was excellent.

  • Budgeting, Cashflow and Capitalization

    ByCreated Candace Wills (08-04-2020)

    An all-encompassing, but succinct course on the financial basics for starting an advocacy practice. LOVED IT! I really enjoyed the palatable format of short voice-over videos along with all of the downloadable forms. Thank you so much for creating this content!

  • ByCreated Bridget Jablonski (09-09-2020)

  • Basic info

    ByCreated nferrara17 (01-17-2021)

    basic info for budgeting

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Jennifer Vollrath-Grosam (02-03-2021)

    Good information for a new business start-up!

  • Financial Basics: Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Capitalization

    ByCreated Kathy Ross (02-05-2021)


  • Financial Basics: Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Capitalization

    ByCreated Leslie Heller (02-07-2021)

    Excellent Course...Very Helpful!

  • Budgeting

    ByCreated Bridget Stipanovich (02-08-2021)

    Excellent content

  • planning for$$$

    ByCreated Janet Newman (02-24-2021)

    Do the exercises, see how your plan looks. Great eye opener.

  • Financial Basics, Budgeting and Cash Flow

    ByCreated Heidi Choiniere (03-03-2021)

    It can fill in the cracks for new business owners and is helpful information for anyone to succeed in their business.

  • Proper title

    ByCreated Harold Bruce (03-21-2021)

    Very Informative.

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Nancy Keller (01-01-1970)

    Budgeting, Cash Flow, Capitalization

  • Enlightening

    ByCreated Kimberly Acosta (01-01-1970)

    This course was an eye opener with regard to what it truly costs to get started and the importance of planning ahead.

  • Budget

    ByCreated Kimberly Rowell (01-01-1970)


  • financial prep

    ByCreated Nancy Taylor (05-05-2021)

    This was a good review

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Sally Lewis (01-01-1970)

    Breaking content into smaller bites made it easy to consume. Explanations were very clear and relevant.

  • Cash Flow

    ByCreated Wendy Stanley Jones (04-13-2021)

    Trisha does an excellent job walking someone through the steps to consider a new business and what it will need to be successful She has us planning to be successful with solid financial tools

  • ByCreated Mary Jozwik (01-01-1970)

  • finance101

    ByCreated Tujuana Land (01-01-1970)

    start-up budget, 1 yr annual budget, capitalization, cashflow

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Michelle Crook (01-01-1970)

    This is an excellent course that presents the financial aspects of starting a business in an understandable and comprehensive way. The downloadable tools and resources are excellent, too!

  • Financial Basics - Budgeting Cash Flow Capitalization

    ByCreated Lorraine Swedberg (01-01-1970)

  • ByCreated Barbara O'Halloran Smith (01-01-1970)

  • Very reassuring and helpful

    ByCreated Terry Merrifield (01-01-1970)

    This course by taking one step at a time helped me to understand some basic financial concepts I was only marginally familiar with and increased my confidence about starting my advocacy practice.

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated MyraKatz (01-01-1970)

    This helped me realize that I am not charging enough, and have raised my prices.

  • Financial Basics: Budgeting Cash Flow and Capitalization

    ByCreated Nancy Kandel (01-01-1970)

    Very helpful, especially since this is my weak point.

  • Financial Basics

    ByCreated Althea Halchuck (01-01-1970)

    Excellent basic course on how to start up your advocacy business.

  • ByCreated Cydney Callanan (01-01-1970)

  • setting your prices & financial basics

    ByCreated rebecca havard (01-01-1970)


  • Now I get it

    ByCreated Anita Smithers (01-01-1970)

    I didn't really understand why I needed to do financial planning, but now it makes sense and I have more confidence in my ability to succeed.

  • Spells everything out clearly

    ByCreated Lee-Ann Gordon (01-01-1970)

    Gave a clear understanding of the basics on funding a new practice.

  • ByCreated Beth Summers (01-01-1970)

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