Oh No!  Are you locked out?

Frustrating…  no doubt. We’re sorry! (Not really…. )

Believe it or not, our PracticeUP! security software sometimes tracks hundreds of hacking attempts per day. Our lockout is set up to reduce the number of hacking attempts.

Not that we think YOU are a hacker!  Of course we don’t! (You aren’t, right?) But a website doesn’t know the difference – thus – our lockout is set to react after X number of attempts. (We don’t even want to tell you how many X is – because that would be a clue to hackers and because we actually change that number on occasion.)

So – here’s what to do so you won’t be locked out again:

    • First – change your password so you’ll remember it the next time you try to log in.
    • Second – wait ONE HOUR (that’s how long you are locked out for.)
    • Then – try logging in again with your username or your email address, plus your new password.

That should take care of it.

Of course, if you continue to have trouble, please contact us and we’ll help you:  helpme@practiceuponline.com

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