100 Days Summer 2024

Lesson 5 – Advocacy Ethics

Overview Now, with your early decisions behind you, it’s time to delve into one of the most important aspects of advocacy as a profession – the ethics of advocacy. A clear understanding of our ethics will help you better make the decisions and plans you’ll need as you move forward. Some notes about this lesson: If you are not yet certified, this course will put you in the right frame of mind for what you can, and should, and cannot […]

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Lesson 4 – Early Decisions

Overview It’s time to begin making some of the early basic decisions you’ll need for your practice. To do that, we’re going to look at some of those decisions, provide some basic info about them, then let you use your resources to make them. Remember to track your decisions because they, along with your goals, are the first part of your business plan. Tasks and Assignments Important:  Do this first to make the rest easier to understand: Read Chapter Six in

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Lesson 3 – Setting Your Goals

Overview Just as this lesson is titled, you’re going to work on some goal setting.  As Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll wind up someplace else!” 😊 Once you’ve developed your goals for your advocacy practice, you can move on to the next lesson, Lesson 4, when you’ll finally dig in to make some of those very specific early decisions you’ll need to make. Tasks and Assignments Watch the video for this lesson, found below. (12

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Lesson 2 – Setting the Stage for You and Your New Practice

Overview There are two parts to this lesson as we orient your thinking about health and patient advocacy, what it is, where it came from, how it’s different from what the rest of the healthcare system offers, and what your success will be based on, too. Task One – Understanding What a Successful Practice Requires This video will help you get started with a good understanding of exactly what independent health and patient advocacy is – and where you will

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Lesson 1 – Welcome and Orientation

Welcome! We’re so pleased you’ve enrolled in our 100 Days to Launch APHA Academy program. We have no doubt that if you follow along, step by step (lesson by lesson), you will create a solid base for your new practice, which can support your success! And here you are – off and running! Overview The 100 Days to Launch Your Advocacy Practice program comprises 25 lessons, offered in a specific order to allow for sequential learning and solid understanding. Your

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