Putting Together Key Pieces of the Puzzle: Bench to Beltway to Bedside – Advocacy for Endometriosis


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Endometriosis is a systemic, inflammatory disease with tremendous personal and public impact. Learning objectives include the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to optimize timely, effective care and treatment, increasing public awareness, and assessing various practitioners, community, employer, research, legislative, support, and other resources to effectively advocate for enhanced patient experiences and outcomes.

This course is meant to:

  • Serve as foundational information about endometriosis, it’s definition, and it’s personal and public impact
  • Characterize the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration for treatment of endometriosis and related pain generators
  • Identify various community, legislative, support, and other advocacy resources
  • Understand how endometriosis advocacy assists with diagnosis, outcomes, research, and public awareness
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